Intercessions for the First Sunday of Christmas – Year C

This material was first published by Redemptorist Publications and is included here with their permission. 


Let us bring our prayers for the needs of ourselves and others to almighty God who is also our loving Father, full of compassion and mercy. 


We pray for the leaders of churches and the teachers of faith that they may be blessed with wisdom and insight to encourage and guide those who are seeking the way to God.

We pray for the leaders of nations and all in positions of authority over others.  We pray that they may be blessed with compassion, a sense of justice and the humility and meekness to accept the responsibilities that come with power.

We pray for the community in which we live and worship.  We pray that our fellowship may be one in which all are welcome to share in our journey of learning and discovery.

We pray for those who are weighed down by illness, pain, bereavement or anxiety.  We pray that the peace of Christ may rule in their hearts bringing them comfort and hope in their suffering.

We pray for those who have gone before us into God’s eternal presence and give thanks that they join us in singing praise and thanksgiving to God who loves us and calls us to himself. 


Heavenly Father we pray that you will accept these prayers, offered in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and give us grace to speak and act also in his name always giving thanks to you through him.