Reflection and Prayer for Third Sunday before Advent – Year B

This material was first published by Redemptorist Publications
and is included here with their permission.

Mark 1.14-20
“You’re hired!”

There are no adverts in the “Vacancies” column or application forms; no shortlists or interviews; no profiling or testing; no job description or contract; no salary or pension plans.

Just one man on the road with a message to proclaim and a mission to accomplish.  A man in need of students, apprentices, witnesses and friends.

“Follow me” he says, “I’ve got a job for you.”

And they follow him into the unknown without, it seems, a backward glance.

What a way to start a bid to change the world:  is he crazy?  Does he have an alternative plan?  How can this work?

Four ordinary working men are called to join another ordinary working man and, like him, to leave behind their work, families and friends – all that is familiar.

But here’s the key to this story.  The one who calls them is not ordinary at all.  This man setting off with purpose and passion is God in human form and for God all things are possible.

The four men don’t yet recognise him but still they go.  We do know who called them.  We hear him calling us too.  He calls us to change the world, to bring peace and reconciliation where there is conflict and division and to make God’s love known among all people everywhere.

We hear him calling, he’s waiting for our response, today, now.  He has a job for us to do, we’re hired!


Lord Jesus, we hear your call but don’t always respond immediately and willingly.  Help us to follow the example of the fishermen of Galilee and walk with you into the unknown future as your disciples and friends.  Amen.