Reviews of Recovering from Depression

NEW! Review from The Church Times 16 January 2015

When it’s more than the blues
John Armson finds a friend for those who have depression << click to read the review on The Church Times website.

Review from Premier Christianity – July 2014

Alan Palmer considers “a resurrection book” << click to read the review on the Premier Christianity website

Christianity Magazine – July 2014
Christianity Magazine Review2


















Laura Dobson – a reader

“I have just finished reading your book “Recovering from Depression”. I cannot thank you enough. I am currently on my journey of recovery from depression. I am on medication and having counselling which is helping greatly but your book has certainly shone another light on things from me. I could really identify with so much of what you were saying and the experiences of Sandra’s life. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey. I am sure your book will continue to be part of my armour in dealing with this illness.”