Intercessions for 3rd Sunday of Easter – Year C

John 21:1-19

God our Father knows better than we do our dependence on him in our lives and in the lives of all his people. Let us pray for humility, wisdom and insight to pray for our own needs and for the needs of world.

We pray for all those who have recently become members of God’s church through baptism that they may grow in faith and be strengthened day by day in the service of Christ.

We pray for the leaders of nations and all in authority that they may use their skills and the power entrusted to them responsibly and for the good of all people.

We pray for all the people we meet in our daily lives that we may recognise and serve Christ in each other and hear God speaking in the voice of friends and strangers.

We pray for all those whose spirit is crushed with guilt and a sense of failure that they may know our Lord’s forgiveness and healing and be restored in faith and confidence in God’s love.

Heavenly Father, you reached out to Simon Peter in his guilt and shame and appointed him to be a shepherd of your flock. With faith in your compassion and mercy we commit ourselves and those for whom we have prayed into your care. We ask that our lives may be renewed and directed by your loving wisdom so that we may follow Christ, not in our own strength but by your grace and blessing. Amen.