Reflection for Fifth Sunday after Trinity – 1st July 2018 (Proper 8)

This material was first published by Redemptorist Publications
and is included here with their permission.

Mark 6: 21-43

Today changes the lives of many people. It could change ours.

Jairus is a respected and important member of the community. Driven by grief and fear he puts his dignity to one side and pushes his way through a crowd to fling himself at Jesus in a last ditch attempt to save his daughter’s life.

A woman, unclean in her humiliating and debilitating illness, risks yet further rejection, disappointment and condemnation in a last ditch attempt to find healing for her poor body and cleansing from her shame.

Jesus responds to both pleas for help. Neither he whom the community respects nor she whom the community rejects are refused. Consciously and willingly he agrees to go with Jairus. Unconsciously but freely he gives of his power to the woman who dare not approach him openly.

Followers and bystanders watch in amazement as the woman identifies herself and receives from Jesus what she could not take: his love and blessing for her new life.

Peter, James, John and parents watch in wonder as Jesus calls a child from death and gives her back her life.

Jesus has given freely of his love and power. What has it cost him to give? We don’t know but we do know that his giving doesn’t stop on this day that changes so many lives.

He goes on giving. If we can put aside whatever dignity, fear or unbelief holds us back, this day could change our lives too.