Reflection and Prayer for Eighth Sunday after Trinity – 10th August 2014 (Proper 14)

This material was first published by Redemptorist Publications
and is included here with their permission.

Matthew 14.22-33
Take heart and don’t be afraid in the dark

Are there times in your life when external events over which you have no control make your life difficult , almost unmanageable, and you’re so exhausted that you feel you can’t cope for much longer? Maybe it feels a bit like being out on a lake in a small boat with giant waves throwing you about and darkness all around so that you’re afraid of falling overboard and drowning.

Then out there in the darkness you get the faintest glimpse of something moving, a sense of a turning tide, the hint of change in the air. It’s frightening because when it’s dark all around you the unknown could as easily be hostile as friendly. Then that something starts to get clearer, it takes on a form that begins to look familiar and somehow you’re not alone in that storm any more.

Like Peter, you immediately want to walk towards Jesus who is already calming your fears and bringing you new hope. Like Peter, when you start taking those steps of faith you face the same struggle he faced as he fought against the tearing wind. When you take a risk and walk on the water of faith the waves of doubt can be all the more frightening and more than ever you need Jesus to save you from sinking. And he will save you, he will bring you to a calmer place and stay with you through whatever storms come your way in the future.

Lord Jesus, when we are distressed, in danger or overwhelmed by life be with us to bring reassurance, hope and the faith to trust in your power to save. Bring us to a calmer place where we can rest and gain strength to continue our journey with you. Amen.