Intercessions for Christmas Day – Years A B & C

This material was first published by Redemptorist Publications
and is included here with their permission.

Lord Jesus, you were born to share with us in all experiences of life. We come to you now, trusting that you will understand the needs of the world, your church and the people for whom we pray.

Lord Jesus, “Prince of Peace”, speak of your wisdom and give guidance to the leaders of nations in ways they can hear and understand. Speak and may your kingdom of peace, justice and righteousness be established on earth.

Lord Jesus, “Mighty God”, speak of your holiness to your church throughout the world. Speak and let your people celebrate your birth with a new commitment. Let us joyfully proclaim your glory so that the whole earth is filled with the sound of praise and thanksgiving.

Lord Jesus, “Everlasting Father”, speak to your children of your love. Speak and be born again in our hearts today. Speak and let your love surround us and those with whom we share this Christmas. Help us to see you in others so that by loving and serving them we may also love and serve you.

Lord Jesus, “Wonderful Counsellor”. Speak words of comfort, love and compassion to those who are suffering bereavement, loneliness or sickness of body or mind. Speak and let them find peace and reassurance in knowing the light of your presence with them in their darkness.

Lord Jesus, in your compassionate understanding of what it is to be human, hear our prayers. Use them, and us, to bring new peace, joy, love and hope into the lives of those for whom we have prayed. For you are born to bring salvation to all through the grace of God our Father.