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I have just finished reading your book “Recovering from Depression” I cannot thank you enough. I am currently on my journey of recovery from depression. I am on medication and having counselling which is helping greatly but your book has certainly shone another light on things from me. I could really identify with so much of what you were saying and the experiences of Sandra’s life. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey. I am sure your book will continue to be part of my armour in dealing with this illness.

23 March 2015

Marisha Carter

Licenced Reader

Tenerife, Spain

I am using your intercessions for Maundy Thursday as a basis to be used in Tenerife. So simple and inspiring. Thank you.

21 March 2015

Deacon John Costello

All Saints Catholic Community, Dallas, Texas, USA


Reflection on Lent 5A. I am preparing two separate homilies for this weekend. Cycle A is for the mass attended by the Catechumens to be Baptized at the Easter Vigil. Cycle B s for the other masses. I really appreciate your straightforward style and insight. I fully plan on plagiarizing liberally since it matches up thematically with what I wanted to say.
You are now bookmarked for future reference.

19 March 2015


Somerset, UK

Thank you! Like some of the others I found your website by chance while looking for inspiration as I am to lead the intercessions on Sunday and find it difficult to put into words what I would like to say, and your words have helped me.

11 March 2015

Stephen Potts

Chigwell, Essex, UK


So useful in providing me with inspiration for the Candlemas service in 2/2/2014. Thanks.

29 January 2014

Rev’d Fiona Weaver

Priest in Charge

South London, UK

I had a similar experience to yours in Bethlehem when I visited the
area. I was with a small group of university chaplains so met local people.
I stumbled across your site via Google and have had a look round most inspiring! Thanks.

29 January 2014

The Rev’d Jo-Anne Wells

Melbourne, Australia

I have stumbled across this site today and I just want to say thank
you. It was exactly what I needed at this point in my ministry, to
help others and to help myself. I visited a friend in Devon last year
and stayed for 10 days. I thought I visited just about every church in Devon & Somerset but I was very much mistaken. There were so many more. Beautiful part of the world!

23 November 2013

Helen Caine

Licenced Lay Reader


You are a great source of inspiration when I’m trying to plan a
service, thank you so much for posting all you do.

17 November 2013

John Day


Nottingham, UK

Thank you for allowing us to see your site and the worship resources they are fantastic. I enjoyed reading a few of your entries and may return to get myself in the right attitude to mind set to do my own sermons.

11 November 2013

Shirley Crone 

Worship Committee/ Administrator for Radville United Church, Radville, SK CA

I have downloaded the Sermon for Proper 23 Year B – to be used October 14, 2012 for a lay service.  Your message, I think, will be a good fit with the service being planned.  It is quite readable (for lay readers to deliver.)  Thank you so much.

26 August 2012

Ros Keeble

Lay Assistant in local CofE Church

near Southampton UK


Dear Katharine, I just had to write and thank you for your intercessions for saints from which I have drawn inspiration for my own intercessions for our Eucharist for St James tomorrow.

I will bookmark your website for future reference, thank you very much.

24 July 2012

Fr. Stephan Brown, SVD

Director of University Ministry

Saint Leo Florida

I want to express my great appreciation for the deeply spiritual and moving reflection.  As I prepare to preach in parishes and in the university part of my preparation following my own reading, reflection and praying of the scriptures is to seek out insight from other preachers. This is my first time coming across Katharine’s website. Although our scriptures are different that we will be using, the insights are most helpful.

2 June 2012

Rebecca Higgins

St. George’s Anglican Church, Malaga, Spain

Puente don Manuel, Alcaucin, Spain

Dear Katharine, I am a worship leader in my church (St.George’s) near Malaga, Spain.  I enjoy reading your sermons and intercessions.  If I am leading prayers I use some items from your page.  Thank you very much.  It is a great help to me. Kind regards and God Bless. Rebecca

8 June 2012

Caroline Simmonds

Exploring vocation to the church

Near Stamford, Lincolnshire

Dear Katharine, I just wanted to thank you so much for your words about St. Barnabas. I am regularly helping to lead services of the word (e.g. Matins tomorrow) and was feeling rather stressed about having to prepare a talk on St. Barnabas.I suddenly thought of ‘Googling’ sermon about St. Barnabas and your sermon and intercessions came up. It is truly a godsend – thank you so much. Your words are perfect for what I wanted to say and I look forward to using them tomorrow (I will acknowledge where they have come from of course!) Many thanks, and keep up the good work. Your work on depression looks very interesting too. Bless You.

9 June 2012

Frances Arthur

Lay Leader, Scottish Episcopalian Church,

Machrihanish, Argyll

Katharine, I’m preaching tomorrow when we are commemorating the Presentation of Christ. I was stirred and moved by your sermon on this subject (03/02/08) and I would like to share with the congregation at St Kiaran’s – with reference, of course, to you as the author. I will also make a point of directing folk to your website. Kind regards, Frances

28 January 2012

Sally Beazley



Thank you for an accessible, inspirational and helpful site…as a newly licensed Reader it is so helpful.

27 January 2012

Peter Ellis


Ringwood, Hants

Thank you. Inspirational. God bless your ministry.

18 June 2011

Malcolm Bristow

Bolton, UK

Bless you for your honesty and faith. A book which greatly helped me is ‘When I am weak’ by John Holmes an Anglican Priest in Yorkshire.  When we are weak, He is made strong’ Bless you and thank you for your ministry to those who feel they have failed, not so!

24 April 2011


Wiltshire, UK

It was a breath of fresh air to read your site Katharine. Your understanding of depression and those who don’t really know how to deal with such an illness is honest and inspiring. It can be difficult to deal with the ‘church politics’ from some members, especially for those suffering with depression and wanting to come back to church after some time away. I am glad you addressed this issue. It’s warming to know that others feel the same way.I will make sure I visit here again.

29 October 2010

Frances Arthur

Lay Reader, Scottish Episcopal Church


I have enjoyed reading your Easter sermons – I struggle with the Resurrection and your words have helped – thank you. I will be a regular visitor to your site!

9 April 2010

Jean Hole

St. Andrew’s Church

Taunton, UK

Many congratulations on a beautifully written and presented book ‘Angels in the Wilderness’.  It has helped my understanding of depression.

16 March 2010

John Williamson

Lay Chaplain and member of Clifton Charismatic Renewal

Bristol, UK

Hi Katharine, very interested to discover your web site – thanks to the article in “Your journey to Easter”. God bless, John.

17 February 2010

Rev Sophie Jelley

Priest in the CofE


Just wanted to say that I really like your site – there are some very helpful and creative resources and you clearly have a gift for writing worship resources – keep at it!

15 December 2009

Dan Flower

Edinburgh, UK

What an impressive website- well done and am sure will go from strength to strength!

6 December 2009


Taunton, UK

This is looking really great Katharine – I look forward to seeing it grow. Well done to you both.  xx

30 November 2009

Penny Grimmet

tWeston-Super-Mare, UK

More food for thought! like the website – very user friendly for people such as me!!! Lovely to see your pathway going from strength to strength. xxx

27 November 2009

Ali Aish

Taunton, UK

What a great site, congratulations!

26 November 2009

Irene Joicey

Preston, UK

Thank you for your website. I could tell immediately that you were a genuine sufferer. No-one who has never been there can tell what it’s like.

26 November 2009


(Katharine’s brother!)

This is GREAT!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on this web site! AND…it is the VERY first web site I’ve hit using my new mobile broadband dongle!!!
G xxx

26 November 2009

Michael Chapman

Taunton, UK

This is an exciting website in the making. You have a compassionate gift of communication through your writing.
The “taster” passages from your latest book Angels in the Wilderness are beautifully and sensitively written. I look forward to reading the book when it is published. May God use you through your writing to encourage others.

26 November 2009

Tricia Anderson

Taunton, UK

This look as if it will be really helpful, Katharine. Many thanks for this. I shall bookmark it.

26 November 2009

Jonathan Morris

South Somerset

Well done on launching this – I’ll look forward to its development. The whole area of psychological/spiritual growth interests me hugely so I look forward to your reflections. Keep going.
love Jonathan

25 November 2009

Liz Gardiner

Wedmore, Somerset

This is just lovely. After a hectic day I felt so peaceful wandering around your website! x

25 November 2009

Sue Goodman

Taunton, UK

Gosh – really grown-up! It looks like a really solid start, well done. Love & blessings for the future! S.

25 November 2009

Adrian Smith

Katharine’s husband and site webmaster!

Taunton, UK

Congratulations Katharine on your new website, which I hope will be a wonderful resource to many, and a showcase for all your outstanding and insightful writing. I noticed, incidentally, that you asked for a picture of the cats on the site, but not one of your husband. Are you trying to tell me something?

Love from Adrian.

Launch day – 25 November 2009